What are warts?

Cutaneous warts are benign skin tumors caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).


Common skin papillomas – or cutaneous warts – are a widespread problem which can have a debilitating impact on quality of life for sufferers. Although most warts are benign, some have the potential for malignant transformation as seen in anal, cervical and laryngeal cancer.

Current Treatments

Current treatments include podophyllotoxin, salicylic acid, cryotherapy, imiquimod, surgical excision and bleomycin, but many of these treatments only offer temporary relief, are highly toxic and can lead to scarring. Cryotherapy treatment of warts using liquid nitrogen requires multiple administrations by a dermatologist at significant expense and only has a temporary effect.

Based on recent findings Cytovation believes that CyPep-1 will not only reduce the size of papillomas, but also has the potential to stimulate the immune system through the destruction of the cell membrane and the release of viral antigens, leading to permanent regression. As such, this is a completely novel treatment strategy for a very common disease.

A Debilitating Condition

More than 30 million patients annually seek treatment for common warts. It is estimated the treatment market in this area is approximately $2-4 billion annually. There are no prescription treatments currently available.